THETIS MRV Videos - Verifiers

Before verifiers can use THETIS-MRV to assess Monitoring Plans (MPs) and verify Emission Reports (ERs), there a couple of configurations which have to be done in the following sequence:

  1. Apply for an account registering as a verifier user
  2. Enter verifier company details
  3. If necessary add new users under the same Verifier account
  4. Define email notification as deemed appropriate
  5. Enter Accreditation details to be confirmed by System Administrator
  6. Wait that System Administrator confirms the accreditation details
  7. On success, wait that companies request a partnership
  8. On success, wait that companies assign the accredited verifier to each ship where verification activities will be required

From this moment onwards, users of the verifier will be able to see the list of all the ships the verifier is linked to.

If the companies decide to draft MPs in the system, then they can be assessed in the system once companies submit the MP to the Verifier.

At the end of each reporting period, companies will have to generate ERs in the system. They will have to be assessed by the verifier in the system once companies submit the ER to the verifier.

In order to facilitate the understanding of the configuration process as well as the actual work of assessing and submitting MPs and ERs, please go through the list of THETIS-MRV video tutorials available below.

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Carl Story

Story of Carl who has 3 ships which fall under the scope of the EU MRV Regulation. The story is about how Carl manages to work with an accredited verifier to fulfil his obligations. Along the way, Carl adds a new ship to his fleet which also falls under the scope of the Regulation.

V01 Registration

User of a verifier company registers in the system

V02 Registration

Verifier user first login following an explanation of the elements in the MyFleet page

V03 Recording Verifier company details

Verifier user condigures its Verifier company details

V04 Verifier user creates more users

Verifier creates users

V05 Verifier user configures email messages

Verifier user configures email notification messages to be received from the system

V06 Recording Accreditation details

Verifier user configures accreditation details

V07 Accepting partnership request

Verifier accepts a partnership request from a company


 Monitoring Plan


V08 View and Assess a MP

Verifier Views and Assessing a Monitoring Plan


 Emission Report


V09 View and Assess ER

08 Fev 2018, 7'13

Verifier Views and Assessing an Emission Report


 Verification Report and Document of Compliance


V10 Create a VR and Issue the DoC

08 Fev 2018, 9'43

Verifier create a Verification Report and Issues the Document of Compliance