Chemical Spill Response

Chemical Spill Response

Since 2007, the Agency is developing its role in offering assistance to the Member States and the Commission and strengthening existing preparedness and response capabilities regarding HNS marine pollution.

To this effect it has developed its Action Plan for Hazardous and Noxious Substances Pollution Preparedness & Response (HNS Action Plan), which was adopted by the Agency's Administrative Board at its 18th Meeting held in Lisbon on 12-13 June 2007.

The EMSA HNS Action Plan provides:

  • A concise overview of existing available information in the field of preparedness and response to HNS marine pollution, including information on: seaborne transportation of HNS, past HNS incidents, challenges and impacts of HNS marine pollution, existing HNS pollution preparedness and response mechanisms, and options and limitations of response methods to such incidents;

  • A framework document defining the Agency's role and activities in this field, in order to make an added value contribution at European level and strengthen existing preparedness and response capabilities.