LRIT CDC - Management

Policy and technical decisions regarding the LRIT system on an international level are taken by the IMO Maritime Safety Committee (MSC) and its assisting Sub-Committee on Navigation, Communications, and Search and Rescue Committee (NCSR) also deals with the technical issues.

Oversight of the global LRIT system, including undertaking a review of the performance of the LRIT system, and the operation of the Data Centres, is provided by the International Mobile Satellite Organisation (IMSO). IMSO has been appointed by the MSC as the LRIT coordinator.

At a European level, policy decisions regarding the EU LRIT Cooperative Data Centre are taken by the European Council Shipping Working Party and Parliament. The EU LRIT CDC is managed by the European Commission, in cooperation with Member States, through EMSA. The Agency is in charge of the Cooperative Data Centre's technical development, operation, and maintenance, and interacts with users on an operational basis.

Each Contracting Government participating in the EU LRIT CDC appoints a National Competent Authority for LRIT (LRIT NCA). A meeting with the participation of all LRIT NCA is convened twice yearly. The purpose of these meetings is to exchange information on developments and updates related to the EU LRIT CDC, the status of implementation of LRIT systems at national level, and address any other relevant issues.