LRIT CDC - Users

Each Contracting Government appoints a National Competent Authority for LRIT. This LRIT NCA is able to access the system through the web interface of the EU LRIT Cooperative Data Centre. Users of the centre are designated by the LRIT NCA, and are assigned particular roles giving them access rights to request, receive and consult LRIT information. The LRIT NCA determines which users have access to the system, and which role they are assigned.

The types of user roles in the system are as follows:

  • Flag States requesting information on the location of their vessels irrespective of their location
  • Coastal States requesting information on ships up to 1,000 nautical miles from their coasts irrespective of their flag
  • Port States requesting information on those ships that have declared to have one of their ports as destination, irrespective of their location or flag (on receipt of the Notice of Arrival)
  • Search and Rescue (SAR) authorities.

All types of users (Flag, Coastal, Port, or SAR) in the EU LRIT Cooperative Data Centre have access to a user web interface to be able to consult position reports and request specific positions of ships dependent on the type of access rights they have been assigned. This interface allows the ships to be viewed graphically, and users can also follow a particular ship or list of ships.